Organisation design for a large e-commerce retailer

What they asked

Our client was a large, Dutch e-commerce retailer. They had been growing rapidly in recent years, which had created several challenges for their operational organisation. They therefore needed an operational organisation redesign to address these challenges and facilitate future growth. The company also wanted to move to a product-based structure and include this as a design requirement in their preparation to ‘go live’.

What we did

When designing a new, fit-for-purpose organisation, their purpose should be clear. We therefore started by getting a comprehensive overview of the issues they faced and the goals they wanted to achieve within their operations department. This overview enabled us to derive a set of new organisation principles, which formed the basis of our design. We then facilitated the detailed design and team structures for operations, including a high level way of working.

What we accomplished

We worked with our client to redesign their organisation, and we supported them right up to their ‘go live’ date. The new organisation now has a product-driven structure with autonomous teams and a clear purpose regarding customer value. The new organisation design also addresses their main concerns and enables them to successfully scale operations as they grow.

What the client said

Huub Vermeulen Former CEO

Thorough, accurate, structured, and honest: “We completed an entire transition based on M3 Consultancy's advice and organizational model”

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