Support the Dutch Railways in transforming technical and cleaning fleet services from night to 24/7 operations

What they asked

Our client was the Dutch national railway company. The company serves 1.3 million travellers daily from origin to destination and aims to do so in well-maintained and clean trains. Due to ongoing passenger growth, our client was experiencing an increasing shortage of night service and cleaning capacity at the right place and the right time. They asked us to investigate the potential of cleaning and maintaining the fleet on a 24/7 basis without a loss in punctuality or seat capacity. They then asked us to prepare the implementation of fleet cleaning during operating hours.

What we did

We combined data from areas such as fleet idle time, fleet characteristics, service requirements and 30 site-specific utilities. We determined the full potential of service during operating hours (early morning, day and evening). We set up the overall and site-specific project governance. We implemented 24/7 cleaning staff scheduling. We prepared changes in ways of working within cleaning operations. And we set up daily monitoring with a focus on efficiency, coverage and cleanliness.

What we accomplished

We achieved a breakthrough in internal and supplier-site teams. The Dutch Railways are ready to start cleaning and servicing fleet during operating hours and do this in a well thought-out and well-prepared manner.