Developing a strategy for the improvement of hub operations and infrastructure

What they asked

Our client was a European cargo airline. The current technical status of its hub buildings and the airport’s long-term infrastructure plans required our client to re-evaluate their infrastructure strategy. At the same time, the client aimed to improve their hub’s operational efficiency by investing in processes and people rather than concrete and steel.

What we did

We developed a compacting strategy for the current hub, aimed at handling more volume in fewer square metres. We redesigned processes and planning to improve capacity, lead times, service levels and costs. We also improved European feeder operations to seamlessly connect to the hub’s operation.

Part of the new strategy was to prepare a future move to a new building, for which we developed a new operational handling concept. We managed the program and business case throughout its various stages.

What we accomplished

The program resulted in a long-term improvement and transition plan for a low-investment, high-efficiency and high-safety hub. The new strategy postponed investment in the new hub for at least 10-15 years, while preparing our client for the future. We also developed an innovative operations concept spanning all activities for the new hub.